A Multimedia Design Company

Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, and Cinematography are at the core of what we do. 

Moving Pixel Media is a creative services company run by Artist/Designer Jacob Morales. For over 10 years, we've served our clients with a wide variety of design solutions. We thrive to create powerful content using various forms of digital media. Our goal is to use strong visual communication to drive your ideas forward. With great design and effective communication, we help you pierce through to your audience. Let us work with you to ignite your vision and bring it to life. We aim to create media that moves you.

MULTIMEDIA SERVICES | Graphic Design, Illustration, Branding & Identity design, Package Design, POP Display, Advertisements, Marketing Collateral, Ad/Copywriting, Web ads, Photography, Video Production, Commercials, Documentaries

If it's not listed above, rest assured, we can design it.

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Jacob Morales    Multimedia Designer    Office:  (626) 765-3748   Email:   jacob@movingpixelmedia.com

Jacob Morales

Multimedia Designer

Office: (626) 765-3748

Email: jacob@movingpixelmedia.com

Brand Experience




The most critical time of a project is often at the start. Because of this, we provide face time with clients locally or online upfront before the start of projects to facilitate the understanding of the client, their industry, and product or service. This first contact ensure that projects get off to a strong start and head in the right direction.


We work as effectively as possible to offer quick turnaround on projects. Designers are thoroughly briefed on projects and brand standards. If needed we also proof or meet online to further the development of projects. We leverage technology to make the best use of your time. We can use online services for communication and the delivery of proofs and final products.

Brand Support

The need for businesses to break out of the clutter is important now more than ever. Gaining the attention of consumers has become harder because of the amount of media exposure that the average person is submitted to. Because of this, we help businesses build a solid and consistent brand identity and see to it that their communication cuts through the noise.


We have a small team of talented designers that have worked in various industries and bring their collective talent to offer the best at Moving Pixel Media. We have graphic designers, videographers, editors, photographers, CAD Designers, and audio engineers.


Businesses often come to us with ideas but need help building them out. We work to find design solutions that best fit those ideas. From copywriting to developing ad campaigns, we bring full support to your vision.