Black Magic Camera Tests

This was a test to see what results I could get by exposing to the right as many suggest. I also wanted to shoot with no ND filters on a bright day to see how stable the image can be by bringing down the shutter angle.
Shooting in DNG is a dream and I got hooked the moment I got the camera. I was initially disappointed by my first shots of grading ProRes in Final Cut (Resolve isn't working on my setup) so I shot this fully in ProRes HQ with Film Dynamic Range to force myself to learn the process. After working with this footage and grading it, I'm blown away at how much IS recoverable. You can't recover much in terms of blown out highs like in Raw but much of the rest of the image is still highly editable without falling apart.

I was also looking for noise at the various ISO levels 200-800. In bright daylight, 200 ISO is cleaner but only slightly. 800 is the best option for more usable dynamic range.

The time-lapse feature is super easy to use though I didn't mess around with it too much.

This was shot on a 50 1.8 Prime and a 75-300mm.

Music by Tycho