"Pit Bull" Dual Motor Slider System - Test Footage

This is a dual motor system that I built from the instructions by Gus of @ask vimeo.com/askd. Thanks for posting your build! I've never made anything that involves electronics so this was a daunting project. I probably made 5-7 trips to local hardware stores to exchange parts that weren't working. I think it's about ready for prime time. I modded it to fit my Cinevate Atlas 10 slider. That was probably the most challenging thing because I snapped 3 screws that was holding the unit up. (Ended up being cheap screws.)

The unit has 2rpm and 60rpm motors installed. One for quick movements (60rpm) and one for slower time lapse shots (2rpm). It also has a USB port for power needs in the field.

In addition to horizontal and angled shots, I'm also able to get panning/rotation shots. Next I'll test how much load the motors can bear on a vertical lift. (Update: I can do a straight vertical lift on the 2rpm motor. The 60rpm motor won't budge. This means that all straight vertical shots can only be shot at slow speeds and then sped up in post. I can do vertically angled shots on the 60rpm motor though so at least there some flexibility there. I guess it depends on the load of your tripod head, camera, and slider base. With less weight, you can probably get a straight vertical lift on the 60 rpm motor.)

Thanks to @ricooo9 (instagram.com/ricooo9) and @princess_yow (instagram.com/princess_yow) on Instagram for letting me shoot those amazing bikes.

Music: Spotted by Heralds of Change: itunes.apple.com/us/album/puzzles-ep/id254021045