Working on "Meet Me In The Fields"

Some years back, I got to meet up with a Socal band called Millbrook to film their music video. It was filmed in 2 days in Arcadia, Ca at Platt College in a small room that was made for small film projects. I think we were the first ones that had used it because the walls still smelled of Chroma Key green paint! Going in, I don't think any of us had any preconceived notions of what the video would be like so we just came up with ideas as we went along. For props, we only had that cool 50's style microphone and a few odds and ends of other things. It was a very fun and creative approach. When you're filming with green screen, the sky's the limit. All of the forest scenes were created with photoshop & after effects. The challenge was to film this video in such a small amount of space and endure those hot, hot lights! The end result was thoroughly satisfying. View the funny "making of" video by clicking here.

I had the priviledge of directing & filming this video. Daniel Jacob Horine, the lead singer in the video, is also the editor of the film. He's an up and coming film producer and has some amazing projects lined up such as a 1920's piece called "The Death of The Matinee Idol." His company is called The Bashful Tenor Motion Picture Company. You can view a fun silent short he made called Stairway to Paradise by clicking here.