"Brand" New

What does that phrase mean anyway? People toss about that phrase often referring to a new product, vehicle or house. When you drive that shiny new car off the lot, your often the envy of friends. It's fun to show off that "brand new" car. After several years, not so much. When people buy classic old cars, they go through a process of restoration that includes cleaning, sanding, fixing dents, changing out parts, and ultimately, giving it a fresh paint job. Go to any of your local car shows, and those old beaters once again look "brand new."  

What about your business? How is the image of your business fairing? When people look at print, design, web, or videos that represent you, do they come away with a solid sense of what your company represents, offers, or sells? Are they inspired, motivated, repelled?

Brand Identity 

Often companies don't spend sufficient time in their startup phase to really plan out their brand identity; the public face of your company as witnessed through the various forms of content, media, or design on your website, store or place of business and social sites. All of these aspects combined form the identity of your brand. Your public image is a tale that tells much about the value of your services and products. Get it right and it will invariably leverage the opinion people have about your company in your favor. Get it wrong and it can serve as a detractor and keep people from taking 2 steps closer to what it is you offer.

Whether you never took the time to give your business the branding it deserves or find that your company branding needs a facelift, now is a great time to tell the public that you mean business. Let's put a fresh coat of paint on your business. Be prepared to unveil a new brand image that communicates effectively and motivates your potential customers.

Be prepared to turn people on to your business in "brand new" ways. Contact us today!